Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Update on Coral Gables Streetscape Project | Miracle Mile & Giralda Ave

So you've been driving around Downtown Coral Gables and wondering why street sections of Miracle Mile and & Giralda Ave are diced and chopped? Well in case you didn't know the reason for all the dust and commotion is due to a $21 million dollar project the "City Beautiful" approved back in January. The project was expected to break ground during the first quarter of this year but the pavers imported from Brazil got delayed. Currently the 18 month project is on it's 1st and 2nd stage and seems to be on track for December 2016 completion.

As a Coral Gables resident and real estate professional I'm really excited and looking forward to all the positive attributes this project will bring to the City. The Mile along with Giralda Ave was in dire need of improvement and revamping. Coral Gables has culturally evolved into a city of successful young professionals that either reside, work or do both in the community increasing foot traffic. The project's propose is to make the downtown area more pedestrian friendly, this would ultimately increase the local business economy and make dinning and shopping evermore pleasurable. Feel free to contact me at 305-951-2978 or at if you would like to learn more about this project and the value trends it will bring to commercial and residential properties surrounding the area including Coral Gables overall as a whole.

Above: Miracle Mile 

Above: Giralda Avenue 
Paver Sequence Map

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